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PRIVACY CONDITIONS FOR Auto 100 Rent OÜ (25 May 2018)

These Privacy Terms (Conditions) inform the data subject Auto 100 Rent OÜ (registry code 10694908) of the principles of data processing and the rights of the data subject in the processing of their personal data.

Auto 100 Rent OÜ always processes the data subject's data on a legal basis, which is mainly a contract between Auto 100 Rent OÜ and the data subject, legitimate interest or consent of the data subject. Auto 100 Rent OÜ provides the data subject with sufficient information on the basis and scope of data processing. Personal data shall be processed to the extent limited to the legal basis of the processing and to the minimum necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing.

Auto 100 Rent OÜ sets the goal of correctness and transparency of personal data processed. To ensure these goals, the data subject always has the right to check the data being processed and to correct them if necessary. For personal data protection issues and inquiries, Auto 100 Rent OÜ customer service correspondents are available at our sales showrooms or on the web. Preferably, please contact us at for questions related to the processing of personal data.

Auto 100 Rent OÜ belongs to Semler Gruppen A / S group. The processing of personal data by the Semler Group A / S Group may be necessary for the performance of contracts entered into with you and for the improvement of the experience offered. For these purposes Auto 100 Rent OÜ has the right to transfer personal data to the following persons belonging to the same group as Auto 100 Rent OÜ: AUTO 100 TALLINN AS (registry code 11591048), Auto 100 Latvijas Filiale (Registration code 50203016671), SKO Motors OÜ (registry code 12458158), AS Adole Invest (registry code 10963053), Semler Baltic OÜ (registry code 12751289), Auto 100 AS (registry code 11127264).

What personal information does Auto 100 Rent OÜ collect?

Booking information: When booking a car rental service, we ask for your name, postal address, phone number, and email address. This will help us process your booking so that we can contact you if there are potential issues with your inquiry or send you an email confirmation of valid quotes or bookings made. If you pay for a car rental at the time of booking, you will be asked to enter your payment card type, number, and expiration date to allow us to receive your payment.

IP Address: When you visit our site, we will retain your IP address. It only identifies your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and does not contain any information about you as a person. We use this information to understand where the activity that takes place on our site comes from.

Cookies: Our website uses cookies. Cookies are encrypted text strings that a website stores on a user's computer. Cookies allow us to tailor our website and offerings to your needs and ultimately enable you to have a better web experience. In addition, cookies are used to measure the use of our website pages to help us make your information more relevant to you and more accessible to you. The types of cookies we use are known as session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted when you leave our website. Permanent cookies will remain on your computer's hard drive until you delete them. We do not use cookies to collect information about your visits to other websites, nor to identify your personal information in addition to those you have voluntarily published on our website. Cookies do not violate or damage your computer, programs, or computer files.

Auto 100 Rent OÜ is the chief processor of personal data, Auto 100 Rent OÜ transfers the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.

Auto 100 Rent OÜ processes personal data on the basis of these terms as a chief processor, mainly for the sale and sale of our products and services. Auto 100 Rent OÜ may also process personal data as an authorized processor of other persons (eg as a representative of manufacturers, leasing or insurance service providers of products and services sold). The processing of personal data controlled by other controllers may be subject to the privacy conditions of the respective controllers, which we recommend to consult separately.

Auto 100 Rent OÜ processes the data of the person necessary for the preparation of the agreement with the data subject, identification of the contractual partner, mutual fulfillment of the contract and additional obligations arising from the contract (eg sales guarantee, after-sales guarantee, recalls), communication with the state authorities for the legal obligations of Auto 100 Rent OÜ (including eg the Road Administration) and legal issues and disputes. In particular, we process the following information: the name, personal identification code, address, telephone number, e-mail address, details of the vehicle and related services and the fulfillment of the respective obligations of the customer and his / her representative.

Auto100 AS processes personal data for the following purposes:

To maintain and analyze the customer base to improve the range of services and goods with the help of analysis results, and to provide the customer with better deals;

Customer Satisfaction Survey for Customer Satisfaction Research Organization;

Auto 100 Rent OÜ for advertising and information materials by post or e-mail (direct marketing).

For this purpose, we process, in particular, the following personal data: name, personal identification code, address, telephone number, e-mail address, vehicle and related services of the customer and his / her representative.

Auto 100 Rent OÜ is constantly developing its offering of goods and services. In order to improve the quality of services provided to data subjects and improve their experience, Auto 100 Rent OÜ has the right to start processing other personal data in addition to these conditions. For the same reasons, Auto 100 Rent OÜ may need to process data for purposes other than those specified herein. If the need indicated in this section arises, Auto 100 Rent OÜ shall assess the lawfulness of the respective processing, ensure that the data subjects are informed about the relevant processing and related rights in accordance with the requirements of legislation.

Auto 100 Rent OÜ ensures that all persons to whom Auto 100 Rent OÜ forwards personal data as a controller responsible for processing them process personal data strictly in accordance with the instructions of Auto 100 Rent OÜ, to a limited extent to the legal basis for processing personal data, purposefully, to the minimum necessary extent, and otherwise. in accordance with applicable data protection law.

Auto 100 Rent OÜ maintains the personal data of the data subject until the basis for reaching or processing the purpose of the processing. In any case, Auto 100 Rent OÜ will not store the data longer than the legal deadlines or until it is necessary to resolve any future claims and legal disputes. Auto 100 Rent OÜ retains personal data for more than 10 years only on a legal basis or when there is a legitimate interest.

The data subject has the following rights with respect to Auto 100 Rent OÜ, subject to the limitations of data protection rights and conditions in exercising these rights:

the right to receive information about your personal data that is being processed;

the right to rectify personal data in case of incorrect personal data;

the right to request the deletion of personal data;

the right to restrict the processing of personal data;

the right to object to the processing of their personal data;

the right to be informed of the right to transfer personal data;

right to refuse further data processing.

In order to exercise the rights indicated in clause 12, Auto 100 Rent OÜ asks to contact the contacts indicated in clause 3 above. For the same contacts, please contact us regarding the processing of personal data by third parties authorized by Auto 100 Rent OÜ for processing personal data.

In the event that the data subject has refused to process personal data, transfer personal data or have requested the processing of personal data or the deletion of personal data, it may be impossible to provide the data subject with a contractual service by Auto 100 Rent OÜ. In this case, Auto 100 Rent OÜ has the right to refuse to perform the obligations arising from the agreement and to provide services and / or to terminate unilaterally the agreement concluded between Auto 100 Rent OÜ and the data subject.

The Client also has the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Inspectorate or the court if the Client finds that Auto 100 Rent OÜ processes his or her personal data in violation of the rights in any other way.

These terms and conditions apply as of May 25, 2018. Auto 100 Rent OÜ may change the terms and conditions by introducing a new version of the Terms.

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The website of Auto 100 Rent OÜ uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that can be stored in your browser, allowing it to store information that is moving between web pages and browser sessions. Auto 100 Rent OÜ uses the cookies of the first person created and used by Auto 100 Rent OÜ website and some third party cookies created by a third party on our site. They allow us to store every part of your booking when you are on the page, save your customer data and display the appropriate content according to your choices and route. They also help us understand the behavior of the user on our site, which means that we can improve the experience for you.

Cookies can only store text that is always anonymous and mostly encrypted. Auto 100 Rent OÜ will never store your personal information in the cookie.